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The fabulous return, or better yet continuation, of our house espresso from Patricia. This year we selected a slightly different variety of coffee. Mundo Novo. It keeps all the tastes you love but introduces a little dark chocolate flavour for excellent body and a purple berry fruits note at the front edge for a delicious lift to the espresso, or even hand brew. Did we mention it makes an astonishingly good flat white. 

From a small idyllic plot, located in Mogiana, in the city of Espirito Santo do Pinhal. The farm is run by Patricia, a coffee farmer who is relatively new to the speciality coffee industry. Patricia has recently taken over the family business and is facing many of the challenges that many women face when taking a lead position in Latin America. This is the third year that our importer has worked with Patricia, with the quality increasing every year.

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Taste/Aroma Notes: Dark Berry, Macadamia, 70% Chocolate

Roast Level: Medium

Mogiana, Espirito Santo do Pinhal

Varietal: Mundo Novo

Altitude: 1100masl

Process: Natural

We recommend use with: Suitable for all brew methods

Shipping info:  Same day dispatch for orders placed before 2pm Mon-Fri. (Subject to availability)

Recommended brew recipe:
V60 - 22g coffee, 250g of water for a 2 minute 30 second brew using 99* water and the Scott Rao Method
Espresso - 17g-34g in 30s at 8 bar with 96* water.