Ethiopia: Koke

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Our third Ethiopian of the year arrives hot on the heels of our second, and boy is it a belter. The Koke washing station, where this coffee was processed, is located in Yirgacheffe district, Gedeo zone. The station processes cherries from several smallholder farms that cultivate between 1870 & 1900 masl.

In the cup expect to taste a super funky and fruity cup, owing to the 96 hour Natural Anaerobic processing method that was used on this coffee. Cherries are delivered to the mill for careful sorting, to select only the ripest. The cherries are then vacuum packed in special sealed bags where they anaerobically ferment for 96 hours. The anaerobic process begins after around 18-24 hours, due to the build of CO2 pressure in the bags. The fermented cherries are then dried in the sun on raised African beds for 15-18 days, during which they are carefully turned to prevent over-fermentation or mould formation. 

Expect to taste Sweet Lime, Mint & Meringue from one of our standout coffees of the summer. 



Taste/Aroma Notes: Sweet Lime, Mint, Meringue 

Roast Level: Medium

Region: Gedeo, Yirgacheffe

Varietal: Landrace

Altitude: 1870-1900masl

Process: Natural Anaerobic 

We recommend use with: Suitable for filter brewing

Shipping info:  Same day dispatch for orders placed before 2pm Mon-Fri. (Subject to availability)

Recommended brew recipe:
V60 - 22g coffee, 250g of water for a 2 minute 30 second brew using 99* water and the Scott Rao Method