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Honduras Donaldo Fiallos - Macerated Natural


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Region: Los Limos, Copan

Varietal: Parainema

Altitude: app: 1250 masl

Process: Macerated Natural process

Tasting Notes:

Acidity - Complex
Flavours - Pomegranate, Pineapple, Tamarind
Sweetness - Jam
Mouthfeel - Thick
Aftertaste - Long

Roast level:
Light to Medium

We recommend use with:
best on filter brews

Roast days are - Tuesday and Thursday

Dispatch within 24hrs of roast day.

It is Honduras season again, and this is one of two stunning lots we have opted to roast this year. A macerated natural process, this lot, is produced by Donaldo Fiallos on his farm Sol Naciente. The farm is roughly 7 hectares and produces Parainema, which became this lot, red and yellow catuai, lempira and IHCAFE90.

We are excited by the leaps that the process and the quality has come year on year and Donaldo and a few other farmers are working with their Cooperative ARUCO to help neighbouring farmers propagate new trees and more stable crops. This works because Parainema is a pedigree selection of Sarchimor (Timor, Villa Sarchi hybrid) and is a lot less susceptible to rust and nematode infection. Along with its unique cup profile it makes it a promising varietal to grow and experiment with in Honduras’s growing speciality coffee industry.

Look for well rounded tropical fruit notes, a tartaric and tamarind like acidity, with pomegranate base note on the lighter end and milk chocolate on the higher end of extractions.

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