Honduras Fidel Caballero - World Exclusive

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Taste Notes:

Flavour - Papaya, Brown Sugar, Floral
Acidity -
Sweetness -
Mouthfeel -
Aftertaste -

Roast Level: Medium

Owner: Fidel Caballero

Region: Gualme, Corquin, Copan

Varietal: Catuai, Lempira

Altitude: app: 1450 masl

Process: Natural

We recommend use with: All brew methods, Shines on filter

Due to the exclusive nature of this coffee we will roast it in the first week of every month until stocks are used or there is a week with a larger demand.. From the start of the month it evolves through a bright and sweet coffee and as it settles more of the tropical stewed fruits and molasses develop.

Shipping info: Dispatch within approx 24hrs of order

More info on the coffee here