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We first heard of Chinese grown coffee over a decade ago, but getting hold of one was always a challenge. Finally we have our first one and it is a stunning brew. Aimed at being an all round coffee it works best fresh on manual brew methods and excels at espresso after two weeks from roast.

Banka farm and washing station was originally developed by Mr. Hu, a native of Yunnan, who has been producing coffee in Menglian for almost 20 years. He was one of the first farmers to engage in large scale coffee production in the County, originally working in partnership with Nestle and the local government.

Mr. Hu is still held in high esteem within the local area, employing hundreds of harvesters from diverse ethnic groups across his farms each year.

 In 2018, Yunnan Coffee Traders (YCT) took over the management of the Banka wet mill and a portion of the Banka farm, some 100 hectares of land. They also installed one of the region’s first optical sorters, began experimenting with processing methods such as yeast fermentation then trialling new varieties such as Pacamara and Yellow Bourbon.

 Banka farm has gone on to produce both the company’s volume washed specialty lots, as well as natural and honey process micro lots.

Please be aware the presentation box is 350g of coffee

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Taste/Aroma Notes:  Lychee and Melon

Roast Level: Light to Medium

 Menglian Dai, Lahu & Va Autonomous, Yunnan

Varietal: Catimore P3/P4

Altitude: 1350 masl

Process: Natural

We recommend use with: Best on filter or manual brew methods. Will work on espresso after 14 days or so.

Shipping info:  Same day dispatch for orders placed before 2pm Mon-Fri. (Subject to availability). Boxes are paperboard with the coffee contained in our biodegradable and recyclable  bags.

Recommended brew recipe:
V60 - 22g coffee, 250g of water for a 2 minute 45 second to 3 minute brew using 99* water and the Scott Rao Method.
Espresso - 17g in to 38g out in 33s at 7bar and 96 degrees with 55ppm water