Aeropress Brew Guide

The Aeropress is relatively new to the world of specialty coffee. It's portability and durability make it ideal for travel, and its design and range of use allow it to produce excellent coffee with a myriad of variables to manipulate. The Aeropress is an immersion brewer with a pressing motion, but is very different than the French Press. Brewing with this device is relatively quick and simple to clean. The final cup will be rich and clean, free of sediment if using a paper filter (recommended).


  • Measurements: 50g coffee, 250g water 
  • Grind: Medium
  • Filter: Aeropress paper filters
  • Method: Inverted – the unit is upside down with the filter cap facing upwards and the plunger already attached on the bottom


1. Bring enough water to just below a boil (95° C ) in order to brew the coffee and pre-heat the Aeropress.

2. Place the filter in the filter cap and preheat it by pouring a couple grams of hot water over it. Then pour a few grams into the Aeropress to preheat it as well.

3. Weigh out 50 grams of coffee and grind it medium. After you throw out the preheat water, place the grounds into the Aeropress.

4. Pour 150 grams of water, saturating all the grounds evenly.

5. After 1:00 has passed, place the cap on the Aeropress and flip the device over and onto your decanter vessel or mug.

6. Begin pressing slowly aiming for around 30 seconds total press time.

7. Once you hear air being forced through the filter turn the Aeropress back over. 

9. Pour the remaining 100 grams of water to dilute the concentrated brew.

10. Bin the filter and grounds and clean the device.

11. Relax and enjoy.