At Papercup, we care just as much about making good coffee as we do about ensuring we keep our planet clean. Our duty as a business is to ensure we can produce great coffee from bean to cup in the most environmentally sustainable way.. 

We have employed the use of multiple sustainable materials and practices to ensure we do our part to keep the planet clean from production to consumption:

  • Carboard Packaging: Wholesale & retail orders are exclusively shipped in recycled cardboard boxes & envelopes, all wrapped in paper tape which can be disposed of in general household recycling.
  • Coffee Bags and Refill Discount: Our coffee beans themselves are available for purchase in Papercup branded fully recyclable LDPE4 Ziploc bags. We also offer a reuse discount for returning customers when they bring along their coffee bags or containers. 
  • Biodegradable Bags: Additionally, customers also have the option for their coffee to be shipped in single-use fully biodegradable bags. 
  • Take-away Food Packaging: We offer fully recycled and biodegradable sourced take-away packaging for all of our fresh cooked and bakery items.

Furthermore, through the use of local electric van and bike couriers, we can ensure all our local wholesale customers receive our coffee every week without contributing to carbon emissions. Our national deliveries are dispatched once a week in bulk with only one collection for everything, keeping the air clean and our footprint to a minimum

As our business evolves and we can introduce new sustainability elements we will be sure to update them here.