Naecaf 0% - Decaffeinated Coffee

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What we are saying:

We search high and low every year, and drink enough decaf to almost give us a buzz (that 0.1% you know). This is all in pursuit of the best, most balanced and team player of a decaf that we can find. We are all about this decaf lot from the Primavera family and friends as is gives us everything we could want. We have that classic sweet backbone, a bit of dark fruit and it works in every brew method. Ticks all the boxes we would say.

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Tasting Notes:

Acidity - Medium 
Flavours - Blackberry and Chocolate honeycomb
Sweetness - Chocolate
Mouthfeel - Thick
Aftertaste - Moderate 
Process - Sparkling Water Decaffeination

Roast level: Medium

Region: Primavera Family Farms, Guatemala

Varietal: Mixed

Altitude: app: 1400-1600 masl

We recommend use with: All brew methods

Shipping info: Currently dispatched on the Monday following orders placement

Espresso - 
17g in to 36g out 28 seconds.
Water at 96 degrees under 7 bars of pressure. 50ppm Water. EK43 at 1.8.
Manual Brew/Batch - A brew ratio of 1:2.25 with 98 degree water. Pourover time 2'45". Full immersion start at 4min steep.