wtf is a fermented coffee?

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wtf is a fermented coffee?

Coffee fermentation is the new trend in coffee processing.

What actually is fermentation? Well its a key part of post-harvest coffee processing. It can happen in one of two ways:

  • Aerobic: This is what happens when oxygen is available. Engineering this kind of fermentation is simple: just leave the recently picked cherries in a tank or a container and let the microorganisms work. Monitor the time and temperature to help you control and analyse it.
  • Anaerobic: In this case, coffee cherries are laid in a tank (before or after pulping) and covered in water. That allows different microorganisms to work. 

Fermentation is a natural change that happens when you put sugar and water together – and coffee cherries are full of both. It's a naturally occurring process and so, just after the cherries are picked (or sometimes before, depending on the humidity), the fermentation process will start.

Ultimately we ferment with the intention to add quality the coffee........ otherwise why do it?  The industry reports fermentation (if done correctly) can raise coffees’ scores by about three [cupping] points as well as enhancing the complexity and sensory descriptions by becoming richer and more complex.

We at Papercup are embracing fermentation as it can lead to amazing flavours and textures being developed. Who doesn't want that right?

We have two coffees in our current offer list that are fermented. Have a browse of our anaerobic "white wine ferment" Colombia Jairo Arcilla  or our new release the aerobic Brazil Jorge Bakarat



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